Quality Management System

  • • To Make Affordable Production Of Good Quality. 
  • • Delivery To The Customer On Time. 
  • • Use Contemporary Production Management Systems And Modern Technologies.
  • • To Be In Continuous Development And Renewal Of Technology Action. 
  • • Being A Work Place Sensitive To Environment With Production Quality, Healthy Employee And Safe Working Environment. 
  • • Emphasis On Training Of Staff And Back Up. 
  • • To Be Fair And Efficient Between Employer-Employee-Supplier-Customer-Community Fellowship Relations.


Information Security Management System

  • • To Guarantee Information Security af All Stake Holders Consist Customers.
  • • To Manage Informative Assets; To Determine Security Values, Needs and Risks of These Assets; To Develop Controls Against Security Risks.
  • • To Measure Process Performances of Informative Assets According To Security, Integrity and Accessibility Principles and To Manage With Continuously    Improvement.
  • • To Make Corrective & Preventive Actions To Determine and Prevent Of Possible Risk Points For Information Security and Work Continuity.
  • • To Guarantee Information Security for National & International Arrangements, Legal Directives, Requirements of Agreements, Responsibilities to Inside    & Outside Stakeholders.
  • • To Improve Institutional Reputation and To Prevent Negative Effects Based on Information Security. 


Welding Management System

  • • To Make Welded Production To Meet With Legal, Customer & Standard Requirements.
  • • To Employ Certificated Welding Employee.
  • • To Be Compatible with Integrated Management System Requirements.
  • • To Use Modern Welding Technologies. 
  • • To Make Continuously Improvement and Technology Development Activities.
  • • To Be a Work Place Sensitive To Environment with Production Quality, Healthy Employee and Safe Working Environment.  
  • • To Emphasis on Training of Staff and Back Up.
  • • To Be Fair and Efficient Between Employer-Employee-Supplier-Customer-Community Fellowship Relations. 


Environmental Management System

  • • Meeting The Requirements Of Relevant Environmental Legislation 
  • • To Work For Establishing Environment Management System
  • • Minimize Wastes, To Prevent Pollution At Its Source And Reduce Its Negative Environmental Impacts.
  • • To Identify Risks Related To Environmental Emergencies And Reduce Them.


Occupational Health and Safety

  • • To Make Directors Responsible For The Occupational Safety And Health Of All Employess Under Their Management Or Control. 
  • • To Make Safe Working Prerequisite To Study In All Units Of Our Business.  
  • • Identify And Consider Risks Resulting From Production To Reach Zero Work Accident And Occupational Disease Target, Eliminate Or Reduce These Risks In An Acceptable Level With The Conducted Researches. 
  • • To Ensure Our Business To Meet International And National Regulations. 
  • • To Measure And Report Of Key Performance Indicators On Health And Safety 
  • • To Examine Events And Accidents In The Work Place That Likely To Result In Serious Injury And Make Improvements Necessary To Prevent Recurrence.  
  • • To Make Our Employees Gain Skills And Competencies On Occupational Health And Safety Through Information And Education Program, To Raise Their Personal Awareness.