Leading the way in Hydraulic Cylinders in Turkiye since 1950

We have the capacity, we have the vision.

We have the ability to produce hydraulics up to 3m in diameter and 23m in length to fit the necessary requirements. Our production capacity is wide as our years of experience.

70 Years Of Experience

Over 70 years of experience and innovative strong technical team. With years and generations our experience and knowhow still lasts for profession.

Confidence, Experience To The Future

Although Kayahan Hydraulic operates in the heavy industry, the average employee The term of office is 9 years.

Kayahan Hydraulics

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Involved Industries

Energy - Hydropower Plants

We can design and manufacture complete hydraulic systems, including hydraulic power units for hydropower plants. We become professional high L/D rated hydraulic cylinders for dams in years. We can produce even chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods with high corrosion resistance, such as long-stroke applications. Also, we can equip these kinds of cylinders with various types of linear transducers.


Mobile Hydraulic

We become professional weight-optimised hydraulic cylinders for mobile applications for years. We can design and produce double action even synchronised (all stages extract or retract at the same time), sequenced (you can choose the sequence of stages’ extraction and retraction) or even hybrid (you can choose whether each stage is single or double-acted) cylinders for all kind of demands. Also, we can equate these kinds of cylinders with linear transducers till a 3m stroke.


Industrial Equipment

We have a comprehensive product range from 10mm to 1800mm as piston diameter and from 20mm to 20m as stroke while we have been replying to all industrial demands for years. We had used carbon steels, stainless steels, or casts as materials and so many variations as sealings.



We had the chance to experience high corrosion resistance cylinders for offshore applications in extreme conditions from the equator to the poles. We can produce even chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods and paint experience for aggressive environments. We do multilayer chrome plating. Using stainless steel is another solution which requires more investment. Also, we can supply ceramic, HVOF, and laser claddings for piston rods as options, which we serve thanks to our reliable partners. We offer different compositions belonging to conditions thanks to our partners’ experiences, which have been gained over the years.


Cement & Mining

We have manufactured more than 20.000 cylinders for extreme mining environments with a failure ratio at the ppm level. We have solutions for acidic, highly humid, or very cold environments.


Hydraulic Press

Since we have already manufactured custom-tailored hydraulic presses in the past, we are very professional about hydraulic press cylinders. You may reach 1200 bar pressure with us even in XL sizes up to 1,8m piston diameter for double-acted ones. This value surpasses 3m for single-acted ones.


Iron & Steel Industry

We have been in this sector since the 1970s. We have manufactured many even auto gauge control,
oscillation or electrode cylinders. You feel safe yourself if we are your partner.

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Green Factory

We prioritize environmental sustainability by generating our own energy.

858 Thousand Liters

Solar energy savings created value equal to reducing 858k litres of fuel emissions.

1 Million KGs

We offset carbon emissions by burning one million kilograms of coal equivalent through our solar energy initiatives.

233 Houses

Our energy generation significantly decreases the amount of carbon gas emissions by 233 houses every year.

33.320 Saplings

We planted trees at a rate equivalent to 33,320 saplings in 10 years.