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Welcomes Certified Human Rights Manager

As we congratulate Hakan Çelik on his appointment

At KAYAHAN, we consistently uphold the core values of equality and human dignity, recognizing that these are the cornerstones of a sustainable future. In an exciting development that reflects our dedication to these values, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of a Certified Human Rights Manager within KAYAHAN.

After completing his studies at Istanbul University, one of our esteemed colleagues was appointed Human Rights Manager. This appointment comes after the Supply Chain Duty of Due Care Act, which took effect in Germany at the beginning of 2023, mandating companies that export to Germany to have a designated Human Rights Manager. Our senior management embraced this requirement proactively, foreseeing its potential expansion throughout the European Union.

We remain steadfast in our ongoing efforts to create a sustainable future, which encompasses reducing our carbon footprint, adopting environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques, and empowering women within our workforce.

Meet Our Certified Human Rights Manager:

Name: Hakan Çelik Position: Human Rights Manager Education:

  • 2008: Mechanical Technician, Selcuk University
  • 2013: Department of Economics, Anadolu University

Work Experience: 15 years

  • Joined KAYAHAN: 2012
  • Foreign Language: English
  • Area of Expertise: Quality Management Systems

We believe that Hakan’s expertise and commitment will be instrumental in furthering our mission to integrate sustainability and human rights considerations into the core of our business operations.

KAYAHAN takes immense pride in making daily strides toward establishing our technological infrastructure as a global leader in the industry. We aim to provide material and ethical benefits to all stakeholders through these advancements.

As we congratulate Hakan Çelik on his appointment, we strongly believe his endeavours will significantly improve our business and the broader industry.

Let us continue to work collectively towards a future built on sustainability, equality, and human dignity.

Warm regards,