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Family Constitution

We are committed to working for the interests of the business and the sustainability of our company in a manner that ensures the highest compliance, while taking into account the freedom of people to think differently.

The family exists for the development of the company. As a most precious child of our founder Mehmet Kayhan, our family company will ensure that the family members, shareholders and employees lead a comfortable and happy life while maintaining its existence.

Every job done, every decision taken is for the benefit and longevity of our company. In order to show our determination in this direction, it was decided to improve and revise our current family constitution.

The purpose of this document is to clarify the whole family and partnership structure in our company, and to define administrative and managerial issues that may remain ambiguous in the current situation and in different scenarios in the future.

In addition, with this constitution, the goals of our company partners and employed family members will become clear and they will be able to focus on a strong and single goal instead of different possible scenarios.

It will be a major milestone in transferring our company to future generations.