Leading the way in Hydraulic Cylinders in Turkiye since 1950

Chief of the Board & CEO


CEO’s Message

Our industrial hydraulic cylinders are designed to operate in the most challenging conditions. Collaborating with our customers has allowed us to constantly develop and expand our range of hydraulic cylinders that meet worldwide safety standards for any work environment.

Kayahan engineers and manufactures hydraulic cylinders that are highly reliable and safe. This provides intelligent, cost-optimized solutions with a longer lifespan and components designed to perform optimally.

Steven Weinberg, a physicist who worked on the Standard Model and passed away in 2021, once said, “If a horse breeder looks at a horse and says it is beautiful, he does not say it out of aesthetic concerns; he has seen and trained many horses, and he knows from experience that this horse can win a race.” In industry, craftsmanship is similar; it is possible to perform your job with love and care by utilising years of experience and passing on that knowledge to future generations. Our goal is to produce hydraulic cylinders and demonstrate that every production stage can be completed with respect for the environment and people while protecting our stakeholders, being honest, and profitable.

We will continue to manufacture with the same sense of responsibility and discipline that we learned from our predecessors.


Sevda Kayhan Yılmaz was born in Konya in 1965, and she graduated from the Middle East Technical University (METU) with a degree in Management. She started working in her family’s company when she was only 12 years old and has since then held various positions in different family-owned businesses throughout her career.

Currently, Sevda is the CEO and Board Chair at Kayahan and Konsantaş companies. Moreover, she is a member of the Turkish Machine and Equipment Manufacturing Council under the TOBB organization, a board member of the Konya Chamber of Industry, and the deputy chairperson of MAİB (Turkish Machinery).