Leader of Turkey in the field of Hydraulic Cylinders since 1950


Who Are We?

Leader of Turkey in the field of Hydraulic Cylinders since 1950

Today at the point where our company is the largest hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing company in Turkey in terms of being able to manufacture the biggest product dimensions. Having the honing capacity of 3 m bore to 23 m stroke, all end-to-end production processes, except for the heat treatment, such as hard chrome plating, honing, deep hole drilling and welding are executed in-house. The company operates in 73.000 m2 of which 33.000 m2 is closed. 

Nowadays, our company continues its industrial adventure with ≥80% export volume, an Integrated Management System, having employed more than 200 people. Today, our hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder products manufactured are exported to the European countries, mainly to Austria, Germany, and France. Company has been a leader in heavy duty hydraulic cylinders export in Turkey for many years. 

Since 2000, other productions have been abandoned and only hydraulic cylinder production has been focused on. In these years we focused to quality and started to follows ISO 9001 Quality Management System, EN 1090-2 Welding Acceptance, ISO 3834 Welding Management System and TURQUM Product Conformity standards in production.

Additionally, we also integrated ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards requirements to our IMS. 

During this time, we started to give more importance to institutionalization and environment friendly production projects such as improving family constitution, applying AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management System standard requirements, solar energy investment, and adaptation to digitalizing world.

It has become a place where three generations of the family work together. The family exists for the development of the company. As a most precious child of our founder Mehmet Kayhan, our family company will ensure that the family members, shareholders and employees lead a comfortable and happy life while maintaining its existence. Every job done, every decision taken is for the benefit and longevity of our company. In order to show our determination in this direction, it was decided to improve and revise our current family constitution. It will be a major milestone in transferring our company to future generations.


Becoming a world leader in the sector wıth its technological infrastructure, providing material/moral benefits to all stakeholders and being proud of a part of it.


  • By reaching the highest level in terms of the planning of the corporate resources, high quality and low cost through maximum productivity, increasing brand value because of high value-added products by satisfaction of the top level team and all stakeholders.
  • Producing high value added products in competitive shape,
  • Having or producing the technological infrastructure required to produce innovative products,
  • Working with a professional, responsible, sincere, honest, innovative and competitive team spirit,
  • To see the competitors as stakeholders and to be able to make business associations when necessary without disclosing secrets,
  • To use current management systems and technologies to increase quality, productivity and profitability,
  • Increasing employee satisfaction, safety, training, motivation and efficiency,
  • Satisfaction of our customers and all of our stakeholders,
  • Continuing our technology leader in the sector and transferring our quality and efficiency to our customers, stakeholders, employees, society and the environment by adding value,
  • Regular and continuous meeting of legal regulations, related standards and customer requirements.


  • Kayahan ensures the protection of the rights and safety of people who are aware of the cultural and legal differences in the World and who are respected and who provide the necessary materials/goods/services work.
  • Kayahan believes that all employees should be treated with the highest honor.and respect that a fair and ethical workplace environment deserves.
  • Kayahan obeys to anti-corruption laws around the World.
  • Kayahan ensures that all jobs are voluntary and does not employ minors under any circumstances
  • Kayahan does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, social status, national origin, political or trade union membership, religion, sexual orientation
  • Employee’s welfare for Kayahan is the essential point and it provides a healthy and safe working environment for employees including temperatures that can be humped, noise levels, adequate ventilation, adequate lighting, clean toilet facilities and potable water.
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