Leader of Turkey in the field of Hydraulic Cylinders since 1950


Our Quality Policies

Our Quality Policies

KAYAHAN has Integrated Management System to follow ISO 9001 Quality Management System, EN 1090-2 Welding Acceptance, ISO 3834 Welding Management System and TURQUM Product Conformity standards in production. Additionally, we also integrated ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management System standards requirements to our IMS.

Quality Management System

  • To produce hydraulic cylinders at the quality standards and delivery times requested by the customer,
  • To become a leader in turkey and eu with production of dimensional differences in the hydraulic cylinder,
  • To comply with current legal regulations and customer requirements during manufacturing,
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure and resources to bring out innovative products,
  • To create the necessary resources, equipment and personnel support to sustain leading of the sector,
  • To increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders,
  • Being an eco-friendly business place with quality production, healthy employee and safe working environment.

Information Security Management System

  • Awaking of all employee & stakeholders about information security and obeying to all policies, process and directives of ISMS.
  • Obeying to all related national/international legal documentation and agreements.
  • Managing all is gaps and preventing repeats of these gaps.
  • Providing necessary sources for improvement on the ISMS.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • To give responsibility to directors for the occupational safety and health of subordinates.
  • To make occupational safety prerequisite to work in our business.
  • To identify, evaluate and reduce work accident and occupational disease risks.
  • To meet international and national regulations.
  • To make measurement and reporting of key performance indicators on health and safety.
  • To analyses events and accidents for making necessary adjustments.
  • To improve our employees occupational health and safety awareness, skills and competence.

Welding Management System

  • Welded manufacturing to meets legal, customer and standard requirements.
  • Hiring certified welding staff.
  • Working in compliance with the requirements of the integrated management system.
  • Using modern welding technologies.
  • Being in continuously improvement and technology renewal activities.
  • Being an eco-friendly business place with quality production, healthy employee and safe working environment.
  • Emphasizing employee training and back up.
  • To be fair & abundant relations among employer-employee-supplier-customer-community.

Environmental Management System

  • To perform requirements of relevant environmental legislation.
  • To work for establishing environment management system.
  • To minimize wastes and pollution, to prevent environment
  • To identify and reduce environmental emergency risks.